Sunday, April 22, 2012

To-Do Updated

The to-do list has done me in.

However, remember that pile of wood in the backyard? Well, it’s moved to the fire-pit, ready for the grandboys and smores' campfires. 

I burned all scrap wood from the chicken coop and organized all remaining wood. As you can see below, the driveway area is cleared. Weed-eating is completed, and wildflowers planted.

That’s all folks.

Tomorrow, maybe I will till.

So, in six days, a list of 12 items is down to 9, which means it took me an entire week to complete three activities. At this rate, I ‘may’ be ready by next season.

  • Switch summer/winter clothes (this isn’t really urgent since I didn’t put all the summer clothes away anyway)
  • Organize crafts
  • Till for morning glories
  • Build garden boxes
  • Till for garden boxes
  • Clean gas grill
  • Lay walk
  • Plant marigolds
  • Spread Diatemaceous Earth

Reminder still: Planters under front porch

Oh, and I’ve added one that I’d forgotten:
  • Fence in chicken run
So, 9 is back up to ten. I'm sure if I really concentrated, I could make it even longer, but isn't Sunday supposed to be a day of rest?

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