Saturday, May 05, 2012

Pennies in my Baggies

It’s been a few weeks from hell on the One-Woman Homestead (OWN), and to bad Oprah, I’m sticking with OWN. It is what it is!

I’m dizzy from the circles I’ve been going round. Several weeks trying to get the tiller running only to find that it’s too small for the job. Wasted weeks when I could have borrowed one and been done with the planting by now.

I have only half of the marigolds planted. More exasperation than anything.

I have the stone walk laid except ran out of stones, so it only goes half the distance I wanted.

Gas grill is cleaned though, and ready to be used as a charcoal grill since all the burners are missing. I even stained the wood side bars. Now, just need polyurethane to actually make it look like I did something.

Morning glories are planted and doing well. This is about the only accomplishment I feel can be acknowledged.

The chickens are happy free-ranging and have doubled in size, which only means I have to hurry to build the nesting boxes so I don’t lose any eggs – ‘coz they’re just about ready to lay.

It’s a constant battle with the fling critters – flies, gnats, little green something or others. I sprayed they entire outside with lavender and citrus. But in the evening, the cats and dog are jumping constantly trying to catch whatever. So now, I have baggies of water with pennies in them hanging from the rafters of the back porch. We’ll try there first to see if it really works.

Yeah, I could use a few pennies from heaven but if the flies stay away, I’ll be happy with my pennies in baggies. 

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