Friday, September 25, 2015

Where in the World is Donna

Two years since I've written a post here. Wonder why I have very few followers? Hmm.

My Facebook account is fairly well updated regularly though. I have tons of political and social opinions that find their way into comments on friends pages or articles. And, I started an anonymous blog where I can spew vitriol or cry in my beer and no one who knows me can complain. I have been writing there. Then I only just started it this month.

I came hear to write about my very own autumn sounds in my confines. I came here because I wanted it to be longer than a Facebook post. Some may wonder how I got from sharing a house with my youngest daughter in 2013 to living in her basement of a completely different house. More than likely, most couldn't care less. Anyway, some already know.

Anyway, living in the basement, albeit finished, has its challenges. Somewhere there is a cricket chirping fervently, probably wondering where the hell he is. You would think with two cats, they'd quickly discover the location for him, and put a stop to the chirping. Mine are sleeping soundly.

Normally, I absolutely love cricket chirping - when there's more than one. Only one cricket gets annoying after a while. It's like the old off-the-air alarm on television channels. I don't suppose I should gather more for a nature harmony, huh? My guess is that I should probably find this one and relocate him outside, but that seems like a lot of work. So, for the time being, I have a cricket reminding me in the dimness of my bunker, autumn is upon us.