Monday, April 28, 2008


i have split my blog on raving of dkchi because it was getting to be much ramblings and too much to sort through. so, i've created a blog specifically for political ravings titled: dk's political poison, and another for writings, poetry and resources located at dk's right to write.

i hope you'll visit all.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


it's certainly been a while since i've written anything. and it DOES seem like every time i write it is a complaint about something. my favorite place in the world is home, Rogers Park, Chicago, IL. my refuge against the craziness was violated saturday night. some one tried to break in through the bedroom window, while i was in the bed. my wakefulness startled them enough to jump from the first floor window and run down the alley, but not after lifting the screen completely and then the window partially.

Bars now grace my bedroom window and ADT receives a portion of my money. so much for the harbor against the storm.

at first, it really didn't bother me. i got up, closed & locked the window, went on the back porch to see what i could see, and went back to bed assured with the decision that the window was locked & bars would be up the next day. it wasn't until i began telling people about it and watching them freak out that i started to freak out and now, with bars on the window and ADT in my bank account, i can't sleep. imagine that!