Friday, July 01, 2011


Today, the universe winked at me once again.

The past few days, as noted in the previous post, have been bungee-cord jump experiences. The extremes of highs and lows have exhausted me.

This morning I sat on the banks of the white waters again, and with the soothing sound of the ripples and its calm, sure movement over boulders, I managed to get a bit of work done, an article posted, and a small stone written. After that, which was approximately 12:30, nerves and energy began the sloughing descent to incapacity.

Of course, since I always figure nutrition is the best remedy, I went to dinner. By the time I was finished, a fever commandeered the show. I couldn’t make it to the 4th of July float decorating for Feed Fannin without making a pit stop—the closest being the newspaper office.

As I was leaving, heading not to decorate a float rather my bed, the owner, Elaine, pulled up from the post office and handed me a package from Chicago. I nodded my head and floored my big 350 toward the mountainside where I get no phone service.

When I arrived, first thing was pajamas—mind you at 4pm. Then, cross-legged on the bed, I opened my Chicago package. The lovely ladies at the Neighborhood Writing Alliance—Carrie, Hollen, and Rachael—had sent me a box full of Sedaris, Lahiri, Robbins, Barbery, Dahl, and the complete first season of Da Ali G Show, a couple of hardback writing journals, and, here’s the best, nothing better for an upset stomach, jagged nerves, homesickness and homelessness than (drum roll please) homemade Chai tea and a copy of Bitch Magazine. If only the bees had worked a bit faster and I could’ve gotten some of Carrie’s fresh honey, but seriously, I am ecstatic.

I have never been so in sync with the universe. Smile on ME!!

Goodnight Moon!

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