Friday, July 15, 2011

Eggplant Creation

Here is what I "created" with the three lovely, just picked eggplants I was given this morning at the community garden. You can read all about it here GoodDay-July 15. Of course, it's supposed to be on this blog, but at least it's written and posted. 

Anyway, back to the eggplant. I'm cooking on camping equipment, but not over a fire. I'm saving my wood for when the grandkids come down next week. After that, I will burn every chance possible. Sidetracked again! The eggplant. When I say I have minimal supplies and very basic, I mean MINIMAL—flour, sugar, cornmeal, salt, pepper, butter, bread, a couple eggs. That's it. All of my spices are in Kenosha and will be here next week. I don't want, nor can I afford to buy when I already have. So, salt and pepper.

The store is not at the corner here. I must drive 'into town'. Additionally, I guess because so many people grow their own, the fruits and vegetables here are outrageous. Which means, until I too, can grow my own, I purchase at the farmer's market on Saturdays. Today is Friday. 

 I sliced the half onion I had, sliced the eggplant in strips and sautéed. Next, I opened a Bowl of Noodles Kimchi, that I was living off of before getting my place, and emptied the seasoning packet into the pan. I chopped half a tomato and added two eggs. The result, I think, was stupendous. 

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