Monday, July 04, 2011

Fourth of July Celebration 2011

Today was a fairly good day, especially this morning. Lisa, my couchsurf host, and me moved the dining room set and armchair her mother gave me into the new house. I walked around outlining what would go where when all my other stuff came. We talked about planting hostas under the walnut tree, creating a little meditation area in back with a pond, rocks, and plants. An area to see in the shade and read or write or just breathe.The cats are gonna love all the squirrels from that walnut tree--once they get over their trauma from another move, and a 12 hr one at that.

I plan to lay wood flooring in a few months and we talked about doing a section of tile in the kitchen area since an open floor plan. I’d much rather have tile than wood floor in the kitchen, never was too crazy about that.

The bathroom is blue, which can be changed if I choose to, when money is available, but for now I went white. White country-lace shower curtain, and white with blue cornflowers ceramic accessories. Looking for a white rag rug but only found those fluffy, poufy things, and that is so not the style.

Once it cools just little bit so I can stand walking around the flea market, the one in Ranger, NC is HUGE! I can get all my garden tools there and a stainless steel rack for linens. A few metal wind-chimes as well—the really cool handmade ones from metal tubing, copper tubes, etc. They had red geraniums—my favorite—for $1 each. There are absolutely tons of thrift stores around here, all of which the proceeds go to some charity or another. I love thrift stores.

Still not sure if I even want to hook up the television. I’ve been getting a lot more writing down without its influence. I may just have to store in a closet for future reference. I can always watch a movie on Netflix (just watched Chattahoochee, based on a true story about a mental health hospital in Florida—good), and I get most of my news online anyway. So…

Another thing I’m not sure of is getting another sofa. The futon will go in the office/guest room along with most of the bookcases. I think I’d like to keep the open spaces. Add a lot of plants instead of a lot of furniture. It’s not like kids will be visiting regularly. I’ll be lucky if I see them once a year now, and the guest room will be plenty for when the grandkids visit. Maybe a loveseat with the armchair—I think that’s plenty. It’s a blue floral print, so possibly a solid blue loveseat. Although, I’m thinking of painting the one wall a deep maroon or mauve. Can you tell I’m getting excited?

More than like I will do a raised garden bed so then I don’t have to worry too much about getting the red Georgia clay nutrient ready for planting. Feed Fannin actually has “gardens-to-go”, so maybe I could get a few from them. One would probably be plenty for what’s left of this planting season. A few beans, lettuce, radishes, onions winter crops, but that’s it until next year, so I have time to decide. One of the first things though is a chicken coop. Can’t really do free range because the foxes will have a feast.

Slow and easy it what I have to remind myself. Talk to folks about my plans and see if there’s any give-aways before I go broke buying all kinds of stuff. Have to join the local trout fishing club so I can find all the hot spots for fishing. Saw quite a few rabbits running around so there’s a few meals. Definitely need a freezer because I plan on hunting.

The dream is coming together and the universe is conspiring, so the sky is my limit.

The back view

The front view

My road


  1. I'm so excited for you and your new place! You should totally built a garden bed and do potatoes, super easy. can help ya out with any gardening questions :) much love

  2. Oooo, Monica, I would LOVE all the help I can get. You see the pic of the 'front view'? I'd prefer that to be all flowers or flowering shrubs. It looks shady but it get a fair amount of afternoon sun. I don't know if I want to do a hedge of bushes along the road, maybe lilacs, or forsythia. I KNOW I want several peonies somewhere out there. I'm think I'm going to have to sit down and draw up a landscape plan with sunlight amts for each area and go from there. Potato's do well as a winter crop? Of course, with all the cost of moving and setting up I may not have ANYTHING til next year. YUCK