Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the wonders of wireless

i have just, this sunday, entered the world of wireless. a big step but what is even bigger is that i have also entered the mac world. since my very first keystroke, i have been a pc girl, even dreamed of Bill Gates, but now, well, i guess he can call me a traitor. was just sooooo sick of all the viruses and checking for viruses and cleaning viruses, that i said, fuck it, i'm going mac. there's SOME operating differences that i'm adjusting to, but not a lot. the whole laptop thing though is what's really messing with me and delighting me at the same time. i miss the right click button on the mouse, but i suppose as i learn the keyboard shortcuts on the mac, it'll be ok.

the whole thing is that now, right this very minute? i'm sitting at the street side cafe tying this. that is the most coolest thing ever. getting ready to continue editing my poetry manuscript that i will send to the Poetry Foundation for their Emily Dickinson manuscript contest by june 15th. no longer "wired" to my desk on weatherly perfect days--we don't get a whole of them in Chicago. i have stepped into the 21st century, altho i still refuse to get a cell phone. email me & i will respond almost immediately, call and if there's no answer, leave a message, MAYBE i'll call you back. but if you have email, chances are i won't.

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