Thursday, May 24, 2007

new mac, safari and blogger

well, well, well. even the wonderful world of mac has issues. not exactly mac, i guess, but their browser, safari. the laptop is not even a week old and i needed to install firefox browser just to be able to access all the features here on blogger. but it wasn't only me, seems tons of people all of a sudden had problems accessing features here. even tho i posted a message asking specifically about safari, i didn't get a response, so i figured since it was isp and browser issues for most, i'd try firefox. and wa-la! posting again!!

not that i have any problem at all with firefox, it is a great product and i've used it for the past 3 years to get away for explorer's issues. but everyone told me how super duper all the mac products were, i was caught by surprise that i had to install "accessories" to work productively.

so far tho, i'm still a pig in shit here with my wireless freedom. i suppose i'll have to go ahead and buy an airport base so i can be wireless in the woods & on the beach. YEAH!!!

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