Sunday, July 16, 2006

first of firsts

sooo, i decided in may to trying blogging. set up my new website at, then set up a blog through wordpress, which is who my great server yahoo recommends. what a mess. couldn't set the time for chicago. then when i viewed it in ie (i use firefox) it was jumbled beyond recognition. that's getting to be typical with ie. the problem was going to the support forums for wordpress and getting 0 help. so, here i am on blogger, which is bigger and better anyway--so i hear!


  1. Hi mom, great blog. I hear its the thing to do nowadays. Hey what do I know. Well hope it works for you. Love ya

  2. Hi Donna
    I am dropping a quick response to your request, but this looks pretty simple. I have read a few blogs, but never responded. For the newbies (like me) entering a blog it might be nice to give a little quide. I was wondering where do I click then I noticed comments. and I wondered about the benefits of registering, compared to anonymous, compared to just signing in. why register etc. I know I am a little brain dead right now but I like things simple. brain dead because
    I just got back from a 3 day 1300 mile drive moving a friend to Tennesee and detouring to Kentucky to visit a close bud I haven't seen in over 10 years first time in either state beautiful country Tennesee was awesome but am I glad to be home back in front of my computer.
    will I see u friday?
    e me or call
    have a good week