Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Convoluted ravings

there's so many things that bother me today, from the fact that we are charging $300 to be evacuated from Lebanon, to the proposed ban on "trans fats" for restaurants in Chicago (like we in Chicago have NOTHING else to think about, maybe like homelessness, hunger, crime, etc, etc), to the damn incessant HEAT. of course it's cooler today only 83. i've actually turned off the ac and open windows. getting myself prepared for the reading tonight at Muse Cafe, then figuring out what to do with the day. didn't really feel like blogging, didn't feel like doing the business plan or the grant proposals, and this after i wrote that wonderful article yesterday about FOCUS. what a lot of bullshit. if only i could practice what i preach. i live my life as if i were actually independently wealthy with no responsibilities of obligations. it's really quite nice except for the grip of guilt occasionally and then the clamp of reality regularly. inspiration is what i need.


  1. popped by here from a bestblog link. I wish you good luck! It sounds like your in a phase where the next step seems overwhelming, but not taking it is frustrating too.

  2. and just what is that next step? hmmm. that i think is the BIG issue. mid-life crisis, i think or maybe that's just an excuse. one thing i've learned over the years is that it will all work out. in the meantime, i have a great cup of java, a good book, a cuddly cat and a comfortable sofa. when the universe has it all fixed i'll be rested and ready to go. thanks for the visit. best luck in canada!