Thursday, July 20, 2006

cat corner

it's been a cat dilemma ever since my 14 yr old passed away last year. the kitten, isis, that i'd gotten to keep him company went berserk and wouldn't pee anywhere but the corners--every corner. no physical problems, just depression i guess. and even though i cleaned everything, i figure she still smelled the sickness and death of skipper. after months and lots of $$, so i thought a companion for her would help. enters rocky. although they got along smashingly, isis still peed only in the corners. so i figured the best thing for her was to start over in a new home, where there were no memories & no smells, so i gave her away. then there was only rocky. my girlfriend was moving & couldn't take her cat of 3 years, lola, so enters lola. now i've had cats for most of my 50 year and i've found that initial introductions are best without a lot of human involvement, but lola is quite different. she just hides. i brought her out to show her where her food was and she sat with me for awhile on the sofa, but soon disappeared when ken came in the door. later, he brought her out and she settled comfortably beside him for hours. of course rocky couldn't get anywhere near without her hissing and growling and he just backs away like "ok fine, be by yourself." but now, she has found herself a perfect hiding place. so good in fact, that I can't find her. i figured i'd try the "psychological" approach and put her in the bedroom as a safe place, with all her stuff and just let her get comfortable enough in there and meet rocky through the door. my fear is that she won't even come out from under the bed or behind the mirror even then.
ah well, its something to take my mind off of not getting any work done. maybe the whole ordeal will inspire me somehow.

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  1. Aw. My cats are wierd - they fight and chase each other, but they stick up for each other as well. Sometimes one of them will go outside to "look" for the other one (only 2 of the 3 go outside) or they'll all gang up on the dog (Dicky) when he's annoying one of them.