Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I’m settling nicely into the new job. Registering students for the chance at a successful future, lesson planning, and directing a student to what will help most in preparation for the GED reading test is energizing. Waking early or returning home late doesn’t deplete the energy. Realizing and sharing my talents makes for happy days.

Of course, there are several areas that still need improvement, in my humble opinion. Settling into my country life remains a learning process. In reading Cold Antler Farm’s blog this morning, I have hope.

This weekend I will make the effort to stay in my yard beyond sunset. I will build a fire and sit beneath the stars regardless. I will make a noble attempt to work through the discomfort of humidity and sweat to tend the garden, not just piddle around in it.

Baby steps and self-appreciation for each accomplishment, these things support growth and get us to the pinnacle of goals, so more can be set. Within this, I may even rekindle the ember of writing. 

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