Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Commitment Terrors

Commitment Terrors

Today, I begin teaching evening GED classes and assisting with morning classes. 20 hours weekly. I am terrified.

I must roll out of the bed, dress, and function every Monday and Wednesday at 6am  to teach at 8am,  math, reading, and writing to adults hoping for a better future. I must schedule my Tuesdays and Thursdays to have all chores and freelance work done, with a time element for food preparation, by 2pm to face those adults at 3pm.

Since my semi-retirement, I must admit, time management eludes me. Today is Tuesday, the zucchini and cucumbers need tying up, the tomatoes need re-posting, the chicken coop needs cleaning, I have a poetry chapbook to submit, 3pm is GED registration, and I sit here writing my fears to cyber space.

Lesson planning for reading and writing, even for social studies and science will be fun. I will enjoy watching the students make progress. Unfortunately, I need a lesson plan to create a lesson plan for math. How in the world will I explain linear and quartic equations? Who will explain them to me first? I’ll not even mention my GRE math scores.

Will they sense my fear? Will they challenge the weakness?

Walked around the mountaintop with Mello
Among the simple beauty of wildflowers
And the lush growth of nature
A deep breath and a quiet hello
Birthed a moment of positive showers
Attempting to calm the minds scattered picture.

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