Friday, March 30, 2012

That's One Dead Chick

Looks like I've lost one of the baby chicks. She was fine all day yesterday outside, fine when I brought her in last night, fine when I fed and watered this morning, but on her back with the others pecking at her when I brought them outside just now.

Her little heart is beating slow but one leg is twitching. I've looked on line and to be quite honest, I'm not going through force feeding her and putting a blanket over her, and holding/rocking her like a real baby. Call me heartless, but nature will take its course here. 

She was the runt of the litter and obviously lost the battle. Sorry and sad, but the other nine and the rooster are healthy, chirping, eating, perching, and fluttering about. If you order chicks online they tell you to be prepared for a certain percentage of loss, and even having purchased them two months old from the feed store, there is a possibility - it is part of life. 

After checking on line for disposal procedures, I found Backyard Chickens, and in their forum they confirmed my idea of burying it in the garden. I'd planned to plant my cabbages, beets, and peas next week, so I'll wrapped it in plastic, put it in the freezer, and recycle her. As it should be. 


  1. It's ALIVE!!

    So, I just went to bag the chick and freeze it until planting in a few days, and she's up and chckin' about. Gave her some food and water, which she went right to, and am waiting, I guess.

    Now, I'll have two brooders so I can keep her separate from the others - just in case.

    Learning, learning, and learning.

  2. Strange things can happen. Wise to keep her separate for a spell. When I tried to raise monarch caterpillars inside... we had moderate success. But it was late in the season and they had some how contracted a parasite that wouldn't let them make cocoons. It was fun watching their development though.