Tuesday, March 27, 2012

First Day Outside

What I've found since I started planning this small, sustainable farm thing, is that you can talk to ten different people and get ten different answers. That recipe is for question-asking on any given topic. 

Chickens for instance, specifically, baby chicks. When we bought the babies at eight-weeks old one week ago, the employee at the feed store said, "No way. They ain't a'gonna be ready for no coop this weekend." Okay, the coop wasn't ready for them anyway, but he said I'd have to drop the temperature by five degrees a week until they were at the outside temp. They set up home in my office with a heat lamp. 

Sunday the heat lamp broke when I was switching them from the Tupperware tote to Mello's crate, and they didn't seem too upset. I left the overhead light on at night and sunshine through the closed windows during the day. I've not had the heat on for weeks now. The guy next door has his chickens hatch their own eggs and believe me, they are not in his house. Last time I went to look, they and the mama's were all shiny, plump, and very healthy. 

So, I decided that I'd take them into the sunshine and fresh air to clean the crate. Fresh water, fresh food, and they are happy little chirpers. I'm sure I'm doing it totally wrong, but hey, in all the Westerns I've watched - and I love Westerns - I've never seen chickens in the house, 'cept for maybe Green Acres. 

Of course, when my daughter was here last week she jokingly sang the first line of the Green Acres song and I finished it. 


  1. Hi Donna, thanks for visiting my blog. I grew up with chickens, but we don't any here on our property. Just dogs, squirrels, lots of rabbits, and such. I'm thinking about your grandsons coming to visit. Do they like to camp? The Smokies Nat. Park is close and there's the Smoky Mt. Railroad. Surely there's plenty to keep them from being bored.
    My grandmother was born and partly raised in Dahlonega, so the N. Ga. mountains have always been special to me.

  2. I remember 'Green Acres' too! Good luck with those babies!

  3. I found your blog on Kathryn Stripling Byer's blog. I like your posting very much. I sure wish we had chickens. I would love to raise them. I grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of WNC, and love nature. I sure remember "Green Acres" too.

  4. Brenda, thanks so much for stopping by. WNC was my original destination but fell in love with Blue Ridge. So far, the chickens are fun - a lot of work - but fun.

    Stop by again.