Sunday, January 22, 2012

Meditation Points - January 22, 2012

Storyteller - Expansion: 
Sing to me, oh Ancient Ones,
  Of the history of our race.
That I may see in my mind,
  The love in every face.
And every spirit that came before,
  The Medicine that they made,
The Sacred Tradition they passed to me
  So the memory will not fade.
Oh, Storyteller, be my bridge
  To those other times.
So I may walk in Beauty with
  The ancient rhythm and rhyme. 
                   *Sacred Path Cards
                   *This is what needs to be done.
To feed my personal Fire of Creation. To remember my personal Medicine and how to BE my potential.

Bear - Introspection:
  Invite me
    Into the cave
      Where silence surrounds
The answers you gave.
                   *Medicine Cards
                   *This is how to do what must be done.
Enter the silence and become acquainted with the Dream Lodge, so that my goals may become concrete realities. 

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