Wednesday, December 28, 2011


What would I have done differently? This is a question that’s plagued me for years, and that is exactly why it’s so difficult to answer. I should have done numerous things differently throughout my fifty-five years on this planet. Very few, however, would I actually choose to do differently, because then I would be another Donna Kiser than I am today.

Considering only the past twelve months though is not only easier, but also necessary in measuring goal-setting outcomes to adjust going forward. So here goes:

  1. More research on teaching overseas before spending $1200 on certification
  2. Curb the acting-on-emotion, but don’t lose spontaneity
    1. Leaving Wisconsin before summer housing was confirmed
    2. Falling in love with a location because of scenery, and moving w/o research
    3. Trusting too quickly (this is an ongoing, perpetual issue for me)
  3. More activity, less sitting
  4. More writing, less work
  5. Promote self more (another biggie for me)
  6. Worrying about what others think

I think that’s plenty for the page, there’s tons more running circles in my head. At least I’ve have the groundwork for 2012's action plan, except for #1. Not much I can do now about #1 but I can remind myself to research a LOT before making decisions—kinda goes with #2. 

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