Wednesday, December 27, 2006

i'm back

it's been a LONG semester. long and hard, but i made it through still with a 3.8 gpa, 4-'a's and 1- 'b.' it was that cultural theories class, structuralism, postmodernism, marxism and not to mention, posthumanism, which is what i did my final project on, and hope to never hear about it again, although it did boost that grade from a 'c' to a 'b' coz' the project won me an 'a' all by itself. wheeew!

then christmas, which i'm really considering on boycotting next year. the commercialism is overwhelming. but it's all for the kids (or grandkids in my case) i guess. as you can see, they were all very happy.

but now that it's all over and spring semester doesn't start until january 22, i have time to post, write poetry, short stories, do some submissions, enter some contests, and rattle on about my own twisted opinions of everything.

more to come. off to write a science article--for pay! yeah!

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