Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rantings, Ravings, and Good energy

In the last two days, I’ve been insulted and slandered more than I can remember. In both instances, I say it was because people assumed something without clarifying, but then maybe, they didn’t want to clarify. What the incidents have verified for me is that I am on the right path. These weren’t roadblocks, merely stumbling stones—the universe inquiring if I am certain about where I am and where I’m going.

The first was over our late, great Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich. I’ll readily admit that my opinion on his issue is not the popular one. I don’t believe Hot Rod was guilty of anything other than “talking shit.” He paid no money or favors, and no one took money or favors for Obama’s Senate seat. He talked a good game, but that was it. I liken the whole scenario to “MinorityReport” with Tom Cruise where people are arrested, charged, and sentenced for their thoughts. Blago went one step further and put his thoughts into words, hence conspiracy. A charge which carries a long sentence that can be applied to anything and everything, and in our justice system, is used frequently.

I suppose that was where my first problem arose—speaking an opinion that is not the popular one. Then, when I trounced on the theory of “a jury of my peers”, it turned ugly. In stating that many people were imprisoned, some executed, because the prosecution presented and persuaded better than the defense; also that the justice system is broken and corrupt I was met with “only x amount of people have been wrongly convicted over x number of years.” I was met with “it’s better for one innocent person to go down than for one guilty to go loose.” When I addressed all of these issues, I was likened to a FoxNews Pundit and Glenn Beck—arguing in circles. The statements were made and I responded. All of the issues, as most, are interconnected, leading one to another. The justice system has no justice in it; it is broken and unfair; and how dare someone who has never had a family member or loved one wrongfully convicted and/or executed say “only”?

So you see here, we started with Hot Rod in a broken justice system and we ended in a broken justice system. How is this circular? Ahh, I was then asked for my alternative “wisdom lost to our forefathers.” I responded with the question: “Do you really think the system, as it is today, is what our forefathers created or had in mind?” Of course, my alternative is to not waste my tax dollars on trumped up charges of BS on telephones or getting a blow job in your office. Of having fair and distinct laws so a Metra cop who shoots and kills a young, unarmed man in LA doesn’t get 6 months, while lost and confused young men on the streets are sentenced to life or executed. My alternative is that we should have mental health and addiction treatments instead of incarceration. THAT, was not an answer I was readily informed. Also, the system is different now than from our founders because we evolve. OK, so what lost wisdom from our forefathers were they looking for?  I pose the question to the universe because I am at a loss. Was that not a circular question? Could I have ever gotten an “A” and that one? 

I have to explain that the grit of this argument was not even with the original poster of “Yay, Blaga got convicted.” This was a friend of that friend. Seems the original felt I dismissed her opinion when I gave mine. Why is this such an issue today, everywhere? People can have differences of opinions. People SHOULD be able to debate those differences of opinions. If you can speak your opinion, I can as well. One doesn’t automatically negate the other. Oh, but it gets better for this “armchair politico”, a phrase coupled with the FoxNews Pundit.

Oh, it's a busy day being the armchair politico I've been labeled. Out to the meeting of community gardeners who feed the county to propose a garden poetry workshop with the kids who just planted their first garden at school. So not involved am I!! Peace out!

My Facebook post for the morning. Cool, right? I was so very excited to be a part of such a worthy organization as Feed Fannin that contributes not only food, but education on how to feed yourself. Isn’t that a Christian proverb or something? I will explain here that I am being sarcastic. Sarcasm seems to fall heavy on some ears, so I just wanted to put it out there—it’s sarcasm! As was my post. Sarcastic. I am very involved, have been very involved, try hard to get out of my armchair. Unfortunately, that was not the complaint this time.

I was asked why I would move to an area where I found such humor in the inhabitants; where I felt it necessary to be condescending and a blowhard; where I belittled the folks in that area and acted as though they were stupid because they had an accent.


Where was all that harvested from my post about garden poetry with kids? Of course, I was quickly de-friended before I could respond. Thankfully. I probably would’ve only gotten into another one of those circular, FoxNews Pundit, Glenn Beck arguments, and be blamed for it. I did send an email explaining my post but the response was that most of what she’s read on my blogs and Facebook has been condescending and insulting to Southerners. Hm.

None of it really matters in the grand scheme.

The idea of garden poetry workshops with the elementary school kids was received with excitement, enthusiasm, and gratitude. We’ll combine the poetry with recipes from the old-timers in the area who are being interviewed, and compile all into a cookbook that can be sold at the local farmer’s market to benefit the Feed Fannin organization that helped the kids plant the garden in the first place.  

Another of the members who will work with me on the project is ReLeah Cossent Lent, the author of Adolescents on the Edge with Jimmy Santiago Baca. For me, this is a celebrity. She travels and does workshops with Jimmy and teenagers—creative writing workshops.

Yes, the path is correct. I have left (not really, only physically) the Neighborhood Writing Alliance whose motto is “Every Person Is a Philosopher" to work with a partner of Baca, who says “Literacy is freedom and everyone has something significant to say.”  

This good, vibrant energy dispels all the negative.

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