Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Teaching Abroad

OK, so here was the reasoning for becoming a nomad (read: homeless). I would then be able to pay for the TEFL certification and go teach abroad where I could make enough to save and come back to settle (read: retire), with 'maybe' a part-time teaching job, but mostly, just writing.

Researching again before I hand over the money, I find that ONLY Asia will I actually MAKE money. Seems everywhere else, oh, except UAE, I will only break even.

Now, to regroup, rethink and obviously, PUNT!!

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  1. Hi,

    In general the pay in Asia is higher than in other places, but the pay that you will receive in TEFL jobs varies depending on your past experience, the TEFL qualification you have and the employer.

    To find out more, download your free guide to teaching abroad: This will give you lots of useful information on where you could teach and how to get your hands on the best paid jobs.

    Hope this helps!