Monday, August 24, 2009

Ideas and Inspirations

Saturday, Aug. 22nd, I went to see 'Julie and Julia.' What a heartwarming and lighthearted story it was. It got me thinking about the cookbook I began last year for my daughters and daughter-in-law. As it turns out, the daughter-in-law would probably use it to pick up dog poop, but I know my daughters would love all their favorite dishes all together. I had included little anecdotes about the dish, how it became a family favorite and whatever little twists I incorporated into the recipes. It also included whimsical and mouth-watering pictures. I had decided to call it "Nana's Cucina." Not that I'm Italian, I'm German, with a rumor of Cherokee, but my first husband was Italian and the grandkids call me Nana, so it seemed right. And it also seems right to continue the cookbook, and maybe publish it as an ebook or maybe send it to a publisher for these hard economic times, since most of the recipes are good, old fashioned stock. Thanks to Julie and Julia. We never know where our inspiration comes from.

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